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What can I say? I absolutely love working with Silver. And, I desperately want to do it again.

My friend Alison very kindly gave up the best part of her kitchen, several of her hours and a bucket load of patience to help me make my silver bangles. Several of you had very helpful comments about silversmithing (I am amazed how many people have had a go), but it was just fantastic to be able to try it out alongside someone enthusiastic and knowledgable … and with all the tools :)

I did feel pretty lucky to be able to swan into Alison’s house, learn a bunch of new skills and walk out with some lovely things. Especially because it’s not the first time she’s helped me. I was also lucky enough to spend the afternoon with her trying glass fusing in January and then popping back for help with my earrings and ring for Outfit 1.  She called me “the poor man’s Kirstie Allsopp” the other day, and it did feel a bit like that, except for the cameras and pretty dresses.

IMG_7791 IMG_7808

We had a few issues with the blow torch and the joins are far from perfect, but I love my little rustic bangles. I hammered two of them so they have lots of texture, and left the other two smooth. A bit of a spit and polish and they’ve come up a dream. 

And, they have just the right amount of jingle. 

IMG_7826 IMG_7788

It was impossible to know how to photograph my bangles. Twenty minutes of prancing around the garden and I found a dozen different backdrops but no one perfect shot. So, you’ve got a bunch to look at.

My kids are fond of the bird, I rather like the apple tree ones. Do you have a favourite?

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