Outfit 4 - PJ Bottoms
Outfit 4 - PJ Bottoms
Okay, so I know it’s Knitting & Crochet Blog Week, and this is sewing … but, I have to finish Outfit 4 & tell you about it, and I just made some PJ bottoms … and anyway, they’re pretty don’t you think?

Today’s challenge is to create an infographic. I thought I’d tell you all about my new PJ bottoms before I wow you with a diagram …

Outfit 4 - PJ Bottoms

Any self-respecting loungewear outfit needs lovely lounge pants and I’m pretty chuffed with these golden lovelies. I fell head over heels for this beautiful cotton voile as soon as I saw it. It’s silky-soft and drapey and the sunflower yellow and delicate sprigs are super cheerful, yet distinctly vintage. 

I wanted a pattern that’d add a little something special to my PJ’s, and Noodlehead’s free Shirred Voile Pajama Pants tutorial fitted the bill perfectly. 

Outfit 4 - PJ Bottoms

I started by tracing around a pair of old PJ bottoms and making a basic pattern of each leg onto baking paper. I then used that paper pattern to make a muslin from some of my lime green “practice” fabric. A quick try on and a few pins later, and I had a better fitting pattern to use for my lovely voile.

Outfit 4 - PJ Bottoms
The gathering across the back of the pants was the main reason I chose this pattern. Isn’t it cool? It feels good too. Wide elastic is encased between rows and rows of shirring and it creates a very comfy fit across the lower back. Have you sewed shirring? It’s awfully fun. I had a bit of practice making my Washi dress for Outfit 1. At first it doesn’t seem like the rows are going to gather, then a few rows in …. whooooosh, and the whole thing scrunches up. The trick is to wind your elastic onto your bobbin by hand, without stretching it out as you go and, to leave long tails at the beginning and the end of your rows so that the elastic doesn’t ping back into the seam. When you’ve finished, gently steam the elastic with your iron to set everything into place.

I made my waist band a bit deeper than the original tutorial because when it comes to comfort, I quite like to be cosily encased around my middle … 

Outfit 4 - PJ Bottoms
I’m pleased with my wee buttonholes and ribbon at the front, although I practiced a bunch of times before I got the size right. In the end I used my buttonhole foot with the tiniest of buttons and also ironed a bit of interfacing behind the fabric to stabilise it a little. 

I also decided to sew flat-fell seams up the inside legs. A flat-fell seam is flat on the inside and out, it looks the same both sides, with no raw edges. It’s not too fiddly and creates a sturdier seam for the inside leg, comfy against the skin. It looks smart too :)

And now … the moment you’ve been waiting for … the infographic! … 

That’s how long it took me to make them (roughly, give or take a bit of time to clean up a little person’s messes, have a coffee and talk on the phone). 

Do you think you’ll make some Shirred Voile Pajama Pants? I’d like to make another pair. On the other hand, I’m never making another infograph. No way. Never again.

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