Cotton Reel Board
I thought the Knitting & Crochet Blog Week flew by, did you? Whoosh … and it was over. It was fun though. I found some lovely new blogs to read and really enjoyed the stream of visitors here at Truly Myrtle. I may be a little behind on Outfit 4 with all the time spent flitting around the internet, but I’ll go like the clappers this week and we’ll see where we are by the weekend. 

As usual … fingers crossed.

I’ve got lots of things to tell you today. Here goes: 

Firstly, do you live in or around Cambridge, UK? Are you a blogger who regularly features knitting/crochet, or do you read local crafty blogs? 

Well, Sarah (from The Sheep Shopand I, are organising a get-together! Do come! We’re hosting afternoon tea for local bloggers and curious readers, at The Sheep Shop on Saturday 1 June 2013, 3:30 – 5pm  ;)

Bring your current WIP – and join us for tea and cake (I’m making lots of cakes!). 

And, so we know how many cakes to bake and chairs to get out, please RSVP to either Sarah or me before the day.

Cotton Reel Board

Secondly,  you can find me on Craftpod today! 

I’m thrilled to be featured on Diane’s fabulous blog, it’s one of my favourite reads and an absolute mine of information about being a crafty blogger. Diane regularly features crafty people in her image-only interviews and I was really chuffed that she was interested in interviewing me. You can find my interview here and a link to all of her image-interviews here.

Cotton Reel Board

I snuck those other things in first didn’t I? Well done for hanging on for the juicy stuff!

We have some WINNERS!!! I’ve randomly drawn three names from the long list of comments left under my Just Beeing Mee post last week. And, I have to say, goodness you’re an interesting bunch! I was surprised what a varied lot we are, us knitters. We had bees, monkeys, manatees and peacocks … and you’re keen to knit some pretty fabulous patterns too.

 So …. the winners are: 

I think I’m probably a Monkey, I like to have a challenge in most of my projects. I do do the odd non-challenging pattern, but in the main I like to try something new, or perfect something I’ve not done the best with in previous items.
My choice on patterns would be Lavandula by Triona Murphy

Bee here! I wouldn’t call myself industrious, but I suppose, by sheer volume – I actually do something even if it doesn’t always result in an FO :) Pattern wish would be: Poolside by Isabell Kraemer – I would make it in DyeForWool Fingering Merino/Silk in Tweety’s Day of Revenge.

Connie K (greyowl)
I think I would fall into the House of Manatee. I am quiet and knit for comfort, mine and others, so Manatee it is. I would love a copy of Ink by Hanna Maciejewska – to knit for my daughter. Thanks for the giveaway!


Keep an eye on your Ravelry inboxes … your patterns will be winging their way to you really soon.  And, do pop back and show me how your Handmade Wardrobes are getting on.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Are you wondering about my random photos? That’s the last thing I’ve got to tell you about. It turns out that I have 137 reels of sewing cotton rolling around in a jumble in a box. Actually, they’re positively spilling out of my box, which is why clever Mr Myrtle is knocking out a cotton reel holder. Cool huh?! 

Actually, “knocking out” might be a bit of an exaggeration. This particular cotton reel holder is being carefully constructed and careful construction takes time … 

In the meantime, we wait for beautifully organised cottons with baited breath.

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