Outfit 3 - Truly Grace
Have you cast on your Grace cardigan? I have :) After wrapping up my Flowing Lines sweater in the wee hours of Thursday evening, I cast on my Grace on Friday, the 1st of March.

So far, sort of so good. Once again I fall between sizes and that leads to a dilemma about which size to choose and then the nervousness about whether I picked the right one. I like the fit of my Audrey cardigan, so I measured it and have opted for the smaller of the two Grace sizes in question. I’m counting on relaxing into the knit and my gauge “relaxing” with me. Hopefully that’ll ensure it turns out slightly bigger … fingers crossed.

The lace, although terribly simple (variations of a YO, k2tog combination) is deceptive. If you inadvertently forget to YO at the end of a row or muddle one row for another and YO, k2tog instead of k2tog, YO, you quickly end up in a pickle. I did. After doing the first 12 rows I realised the first 4 or 5 looked a little odd. I thought I’d been paying careful attention, but apparently not. Somewhere I’d muddled my rows and the lace was slanting off to one side instead of zig zagging neatly. It’s fixed now :)

As of today, I’ve done all my raglan increases and am making my way down to the bottom of the yoke. With a bit of luck I’ll finish that and divide for the body and sleeves tonight. The lace adds interest, but after my initial boo boo I’m double checking myself all the time, not going terribly quickly, and am quite looking forward to getting onto the stockinette sections!

For the raglan increases I’ve used M1R (make 1 right) and M1L (make 1 left). This creates a nice pair of increases that mirror one another. I have a little way of remembering how to do each…

M1R: lift the bar between the stitch you’ve just knit and the next stitch, from back to front (I’m left handed and so M1″Right” must be back-to-front) then knit into the back leg so it twists;

M1L: lift the bar between the stitch you’ve just knit and the next stitch from front to back (you guessed it, left-handers aren’t back to front…) and then knit into the front leg so it twists.

It might not work for you …. unless you’re left handed too ;)

If you’d like to join our Grace knit along please do! Latecomers are very welcome and there’s no pressure to finish by the deadline (except for me!)

I’ve made a page telling you all the information about the knit along here. There’s also a link at the top of the page. If you’ve got a blog and would like to grab a button for your side bar you’re welcome to use this one.
Truly Myrtle
Let me know if you’d like me to set up a blog linky under my Grace posts too.

How is everyone else getting on?

P.S. Outfit 2 is finished and photographed!!! Keep your eyes peeled for the Big Reveal tomorrow …

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