Handmade Wardrobe - Planning Outfit 3

I may have got a little carried away with the oranges … and I’m aware that this picture clashes terribly with the pinky colour scheme on my blog header … [ETA this was enough to prompt me to update my header! Like it?] but this is what I’m planning for Outfit 3. Do you think we can handle it? I’m (nervously) excited. My working title is “Although she has to be careful not to spill food down her front, she’s looking forward to injecting a bit of chic into her life and can’t help but add some zing for fun”, or something like that.

No, seriously, the orange, or “tangerine” as I am referring to it (so as to sound a little more 2013 and a little less 1973) is intended to be a “pop” of colour. Hopefully it won’t be as electrically eye-shattering as my wee oranges make it feel. I’m planning a funky tangerine knitted bag and a tangerine necklace (which I’ll make from beads I’m yet to purchase, rather than actual tangerines). Perhaps the most exciting thing is that I’ve had yarn dyed just for me! Lovely Annette from Soft Like Kittens was totally up for the challenge of creating some “tangerine” yarn for my bag – hasn’t she done a great job? I can’t wait to cast it on.

You’ve heard about my silver Grace cardigan (have you joined the knit along? You’ve still got time!) and it’s ticking along nicely, right on schedule. I’ll tell you a little more about how I and the other Truly Grace knitters are going later this week.

There’s a lot of black in this outfit. It’s been years since I wore any black. Growing up I used to wear tons of black as it’s a pretty popular colour in New Zealand (home of the handsome All Blacks, ever heard of them?) Well, recently I’ve had an urge to wear some black again and I’m going to be top to toe in it for this outfit. I’m planning to sew a t-shirt from some rather nice 100% cotton stretch knit, and a long skirt with some lightweight woven cotton fabric. 

You’ve seen the fabric for the skirt before, only you wouldn’t know it. I’ve been at it with the dye again and have dyed the lime green cotton that I’ve been using for muslins, black. It’s lovely and fine and I’ve got rather a lot to play with, so I’ve dyed enough to make a lining for my skirt with it too. I haven’t entirely settled on a pattern for the skirt, but I think I’m getting close. I’m veering towards a long, crinkled, flouncy skirt. 

We’ll see.

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