Outfit 3 - necklace & tshirt
I’ve been working like a wee bee. After not being able to get started on the sewing for Outfit 3 last week, the weekend turned into something of a sew-a-thon. I was up and at ’em on Saturday morning and had my skirt cut out before I’d even gotten out of my PJ’s. Queue Saturday evening and, aside from accidentally sewing on the yoke upside down, my skirt was coming along nicely. By Sunday evening I had a long flouncy skirt on a deep yoke (the right way up) and a cute black t-shirt. Phew.

Outfit 3 - handpicked zipper Outfit 3 - drying skirt, necklace & tshirt
(In real life my black fabric looks less of a lint-magnet than it does in my photos! )

Anyway, first my skirt. I based it on Simplicity pattern 5752 view D but drafted a new yoke to make it longer, and wider at the waist and lower hips. It wasn’t tricky, although I did use a calculator to work it out.

I’m pretty pleased with my zipper. It’s the first time I’ve tried a hand-picked zipper. I was inspired to try one by Tasia at Sewaholic and used her tutorial as a guide. Apparently hand-picked zips are stronger and although it took longer to put in, I like hand-sewing and I’m really pleased with how neat it looks and how easy it was to do. 

Do you see my skirt all twisted up to dry in the photo above? I’m trying out a crinkled look for a bit of interest. Fingers crossed.

Outfit 3 - necklace & tshirt Outfit 3 - necklace & tshirt
Remember my “back to school” resolution? Well, I’m still trying to learn everything I can. My t-shirt for Outfit 3 is based on the  same pattern as my top in Outfit 2 but I’ve tried a different neckline. This one is a shallow-wide scoop and, rather than top stitch it, I’ve tried something else new. I’ve cut and ironed strips of double stick fusible web around the neckline then, after tearing off the top layer of paper, folded the neckline over and ironed it down again. I used Lite Steam-A-Seam 2 and apparently ironing it permanently bonds the two layers together (there’s a lot in one pack, it’ll last me years). 

I’ll admit, it does feel a bit wrong. No sewing? Glue? I have no idea how it will hold up in the wash, but I rather like the simplicity of the edge and have used it around the neck and at the top of the sleeves. If it comes apart I’ll let you know, and I’ll sew it down!

Outfit 3 - necklace & tshirt
Outfit 3 - necklace & tshirt
And finally, my necklace. It’s the first time I’ve tried beading … oooo it’s so fun!!! You’ll be seeing more this year I think …

Totally inspired by this very fabulous necklace by Toast, I set off to make a version of my own. We are lucky enough to have a very lovely wee bead shop here in Cambridge. The Beaderie is like Aladdin’s cave and I spent a very long time in there (with a very patient 3 year old) picking through the beads like they were treasures.

In the end, I’ve come up with a sort of symmetrical but eclectic string of colours, shapes and textures. They’re strung on an acrylic thread, knotted at the end and the ends sealed with a bit of clear nail vanish. Hopefully they’ll add just the right amount of pop to my outfit. I’m pretty in love with the gloss and clink of the black stone beads and was grateful for the suggestion to space them with seed beads to keep the price down.

We’re nearly there! I’m soooooo close to finishing my Grace cardigan (someone in the knit along is already done! Yay!). Just the last cuff to knit and ends to weave in before blocking and buttons. Then, my bag. I spent last night ripping back to find my mistake(s) in the lace pattern and was back on track today. I’m going to have to go like the wind to get it done …

And, will someone do something about the weather?! It’s so cold! I was planning bare legs for this outfit. But, unless it gets warmer, there’s no way that’ll happen. I’m working on a plan B.

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