Outfit 2 - planning

February is marching on … but never fear. Outfit 2 is underway!

Here’s a snapshot of what I’ve got in mind. It’s going to have a more casual vibe than Outfit 1 and I’m calling it “cheerfully embracing winter blues and keeping cosy, whilst running about with the kids“. Or something like that.

I’m actually taking a leap of faith and going for skinny jeans and a worsted-weight sweater. That might sound fairly tame to most of you, but I’ve been either pregnant or breastfeeding (or both) for the last decade and have stuck solidly to cardigans… As for the skinny trousers, I’m just gonna do it because I want to, even if I’m shortish with curvy thighs… So, I’m feeling slightly nervous because eventually I have to photograph this outfit and show you all, and because I’m stepping out of my comfort zone. But, what sort of challenge would this be without taking a risk or two? A boring one, that’s what.

Anyway, as you can see I’ve chosen a reddish/tan/blue palette. I’ve knit the accessories already but I figure you’ve probably seen enough finished objects for one week so I’ll show you those another day. The squishy tan yarn is a very delicious Arbutus cowl and the blue and white stripes are a Here and There slouchy hat. They were super quick to knit and I LOVE them both. Can’t wait to show you :)

The blue/silvery fabric in the background is a rather funky Nani Iro print. It’s 100% cotton with a reasonable amount of stretch to it and I’m going to turn it into a scoop necked, long sleeved top using a pattern from this craftsy class by Meg McElwee. I’m waiting for some white stretchy denim to arrive and when it does, I’m planning to dye it (maybe a dark mustard or copper, I haven’t decided yet) and turn it into some fitted trousers using Colette’s Clover pattern.

Right now, I’m casting on my sweater. I’ve decided to knit Flowing Lines as I’ve had my eye on this knit since Veera released it. But, since I’ve suggested a knit along for the cardigan I’m making for Outfit 3, and we’re casting on on 1 March, I’d really like to get this sweater finished in two weeks. I know. CRAZY. My only saving grace might be that not only is it worsted weight, but it’s Malabrigo yarn. If you haven’t used Malabrigo before, believe me, it’s like knitting with clouds! I am addicted. This is the pagoda colourway – it’s looking a little red in the photos. In fact, it’s fairly variegated, ranging from pinky colours to ginger.

Finally, the branch in the photo isn’t just randomly placed there to look arty. Oh no. I’m going to make apple branch buttons (I say confidently, having never done it before). If they look any good, they’ll go on the shoulders of my sweater. For jewellery, my mum is sending me a brooch that belonged to my grandmother that she thinks will be perfect. It’s coming from New Zealand so will take at least a week to get here. It needs a little repair work, but I think it will be perfect too.

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