Audrey in Unst

Audrey in Unst

Audrey in Unst

Happy New Year! I for one am looking forward to 2013. I love a brand new year all laid out before me and this one looks like it might be a goodie :)

Above, is my knitting from the last week. Beautiful hand-dyed fingering Alpaca/Silk/Cashmere yarn from Skein Queen, delightfully named Enchanted, in a colourway that I can’t find a name for, but am calling “Caramel Delicious”.

I’ve started 2013 as I mean to continue: knitting for myself. To be precise, making myself a handmade wardrobe. It’s been my dream for a while to knit, sew and make most of my clothes, accessories, including bags and jewellery. Finally, I seem to be a relatively steady size and Tess is nursing less often, it feels like a good time to get started. I’ll try to get out of my jeans and might even risk a dress occasionally. Although I’d love a totally handmade wardrobe, I’m not intending to make absolutely everything. I’ll fill out the gaps with lovely bought bits and, where I can, will buy handmade things too. I don’t intend to make underwear or shoes (although slippers are in the pipeline) and I do love good cotton socks, but I’d love to wear more clothes that I’ve made. I’m thinking that I’ll go at it outfit by outfit – that way I’ll mix up my crafting; knitting here, sewing there, and hopefully trying a few new things too. Sound fun? I can’t wait!

I also have a second, but related, plan for 2013. I described it to the Myrtle kids as “back to school”, a title to which they looked a little dubious. Don’t fret, I’m not actually going back to school (I have four little kids to cook, clean and tend to, remember?) but I’m going to pretend that I am. I’m a sucker for wanting to know all the stuff and this year I’m going to try to learn a whole lot more about knitting and sewing – especially designing my own patterns. I’m starting with a photography night class… that way I can show you all what I’m up to a little more artfully. And after all, deep down in my heart, that’s where it all starts for me. Art. I’m feeling excited already.

The lovely “Caramel Delicious” in my pictures is the beginnings of an Audrey in Unst, a very popular pattern by the super clever Gudrun Johnston. Thank goodness I took these photos. Do you see my major boo boo? I hadn’t noticed that the left front and the right front don’t match. I haven’t knit enough lace on one side. I misread the pattern and skipped a bunch of rows! What a twit. I’ve unpicked it already and am ready to re-knit the top of the left front….

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