It’s time for another Knit Along over at Luvinthemommyhood. I love an excuse to be a little social, have avidly watched every episode of Downton and of course, don’t need much persuading to make a new little something. Like usual, there’ll be plenty of chatter and prizes, surely you fancy joining in too? Go on, sign up! The theme of this Knit Along is Downton Abbey – fun eh? Knit something Downton Abbey-ish, you decide what. It can be clothes, homewear or something else entirely… It’s totally up to you. I for one would love to see some doilies or table runners :)

I’m going to knit Gem from the Rowan Frost collection. My youngest brother is an expert with gifts and amongst some other lovelies, he gave me the Frost pattern book for Christmas, together with two balls of Frost yarn (it’s greeny-black and has the rather unromantic colourway name 00090). I’m not sure how cool this hat is going to look on me – but I think it is pretty Downton-esque, very Sybil. (I did take the quiz on which character I am, and although I was crossing my fingers for the beautiful and feisty Sybil, or Grandmother at least, apparently I am Anna. Just a tad disappointed. I’m sure it’s because I chose a hot cup of tea over Champagne…or maybe, because I sew?)

Anyhow, since the Knit Along goes for a whole month, until 6 Feb, and my wee hat won’t take a moment to knit … I’m thinking I might do something else too. Maybe Regina, that looks fun, and have you seen Helmet Hat? I LOVE it, but will have to track down the pattern … Oh, who knows? I’ll see what I can get done. I’m busy getting my first Handmade Wardrobe outfit together too (will tell you more about that soon) so, I’ve rather a lot to get made!

…. please tell me you regularly bite off more than you can chew?! That you’re easily swept away with old-fashioned enthusiasm and the pure fun of it all?! PLEASE???!!!

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