I’ve actually got a bunch of things finished, but I haven’t been able to get photos of any of them. By the time I collect the kids from school, walk them home and placate them with food, it’s dark. The mornings are too hectic to contemplate taking pictures. We keep sleeping in. Our cosy beds are too delicious to get out of and the days too grey and cold to feel excited about starting, so getting dressed, fed and ready for school is a great big rush at the moment. No time for taking photos then. I’ll try to organise a wee photo-shoot over the weekend, the weather and kids permitting, so I’ve something to show you next week.

In the meantime, I have the beginnings of a rather large project to show you. I’ve been almost monogamous with my knitting of late, finishing one cardigan before starting another. Almost monogamous. When I’ve had my fill of cardigan knitting I crochet a pinwheel or five. I’ve managed to make quite a few here and there… see?

It all began with a basket of dk and worsted weight ends of balls and scraps of yarn (I am in stash-busting heaven). Inspired by round granny “squares” on other lovely blogs I decided this would be the perfect use of my bits and bobs. I found instructions for crocheted wheels here and totally fell in love with the light border on that blanket, but am thinking I’ll join mine with an undyed/natural coloured yarn rather than white. It’s funny because although there are lots of bright colours in my basket, I’m surprising myself with how muted and earthy most of my wheels are turning out. Actually, the whole thing is pretty random, there’s no colour scheme or big plan about colours. I just use what’s in the basket and am enjoying that. Basically I reach into my basket for a ball, start a wheel then have a quick look for the next colour, grabbing something that feels good. And so on. It might actually be possible to track my mood, pinwheel by pinwheel…. bright, gloomy, then brighter again… ;)

The Myrtle kids are enjoying a periodic count-up and want to know how many I’m going to make. To be honest, I don’t know! In the meantime, I’ll just keep going until I’m sick of them, or the basket is empty. 

Then I’ll start the long task of joining them all together…. 

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