Vanilla socks
See those lovely tootsies and hairy legs? They’re attached to Mr Myrtle. And, I’m afraid that’s about as much of him as you’re ever going to see…. he’d rather be on the other side of the camera. Pity, ’cause he’s rather yummy.

These are his new socks. They are good old top-down vanilla style socks, 2X2 rib around the cuffs, traditional heel flaps, stockinette down to wedge toes. I picked up the yarn in France on holiday last year, it’s a German yarn, Lana Grossa and my answer to the frenzied self striping sock knitting that seems to have overtaken the knitting world. As much as I’d love some, I can’t be buying new sock yarn right now, no matter how addictive those stripes are said to be. I already have a whole basket of sock yarn that desperately wants to be knitted into socks!

I have to say, these socks were sooooo lovely to knit in between my recent cardigan trials and tribulations. They are truly the go-anywhere sort of knitting. I must remember to make them more often.

Vanilla socks
These bad boys aren’t exactly the same though, are they? They nearly match. Let’s say it adds to the charm. Anyway, I didn’t think Mr Myrtle would mind. He’s just glad to get something for him for a change. I haven’t been brave enough to tackle a man sweater yet…. it’s all just man hats and man socks for now.

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