Lanata yoke
Okay, so the accuracy of the colours in this photo leaves a lot to be desired …. but will you check out that yoke??? I totally did it! 

In the end, I had to frog back just one last time. I actually took the sleeves off and started from the part where you join the body and sleeves together. In retrospect I probably didn’t need to go quite this far, but I just needed to see this knit with fresh eyes. 

The thing that really helped was working out the row count for the end of each patterned row. I realise this might sound a bit OCD, but it was great. I figured out the numbers for each of the fronts/sleeves and back after taking off the raglan decreases and decreases at the neck, so that I could check my stitches each time I got to the end of a decrease row. A couple of times I caught a boo boo and could nip back and fix it. The other thing I did was to note on the chart the stitches which were disappearing up the sides into the raglan decreases and that made it heaps easier for me to work out which increases to leave out as I made my way up the yoke. Checking against the photos for the pattern I could see that the designer stopped increasing into one side of the “waves” where they filled out and I tried to do the same. 

You might be able to see more clearly what I mean in the next photo.
Lanata yoke
See how the top right teardrop shape in the pattern isn’t so shapely? I left off the increases on the side closest to the raglan shaping because the corresponding decrease that would have happened where the raglan is, didn’t happen.

Maybe it was just me. I took ages to get my head around this! Some of you suggested to check out other project pages to see what others had to say. Funnily enough I had done that in the hopes that I’d hear everyone was having trouble too – but they weren’t!!! I wonder if it was because I was making one of the smaller sizes. In the larger sizes the pattern seems to travel neatly up the middle and not get cut off by the raglan.

Can you see the boo boo that I missed and just didn’t have the heart to go back and fix? It’s under the armpit on the right. A yarn-over in the wrong spot. I’ve ended up with a wee hole just a bit too far to the right. My fancy stitch counting method didn’t catch it because I knitted the right number of stitches that row, just in the wrong places … I’m hoping a bit of jiggery-pokery with a sewing needle and some yarn will sort it out.

In the meantime, thank you for all your words of wisdom. It’s lovely to hear I’m not the only one who gets into knitting strife! 

I’ll get this lovely cardy finished yet! Stay tuned!

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