I wanted to show you a finished something. But, there’s nothing. Instead, here’s my pile of wips. The trouble with knitting five projects at once, especially when three of them are cardigans for me, is that nothing gets finished in a hurry!

I’ll give you a run down of where I’m at. I’m sure you’re dying to know…

You can see my Everyday Cardigan is nearly done. I bit the bullet and sewed in those jolly sleeves. Didn’t take long, of course, the things you put off never do, do they? I am rather proud of my mattress stitching up the sleeves, it’s super neat. But, the band is taking FOREVER! I have about 2″ left to knit then more seaming to sew it on. Using stitch markers to hold it roughly in place is genius, that was inspired by my cousin Rach, she used them to hold the sleeves in place when she sewed them on. Remember we were doing a family kal? Well, I’m lagging way behind. Her cosy celery-coloured Everyday cardigan is long finished and keeping her toasty in wintery New Zealand. 

I’m one sock down and have turned the heel on the second one for Mr Myrtle. Now it’s just left to knit the gusset and race down to the toes. This has been a great project to pick up whenever, wherever. I should probably have socks on the go all the time.

You can’t tell that I’m ready to knit the second sleeve on my golden Wispi Cardigan, but I am. I’ve stalled because I have to get out the tape measure and measure it, and it never seems so be within arms reach when I sit down… 

The wee pink scarf is nearly half way done. I think I’m going to do a few more repeats of the pattern without increasing any more before I start decreasing down to the end because I seem to have more yarn than I thought and I might as well try to use it all.

Finally, my Lanata. It’s super lovely to knit, but I have to concentrate or I yo, k2tog and ssk in all the wrong places! There’s near on 200 stitches a row at the moment… I can see it will be a few rows here and there sort of knitting.

And, there you have it. Something WILL be finished soon. Probably those socks, hopefully that Everyday Cardigan and possibly my pink scarf…. in the meantime, oh gee, my fingers are itching for the next thing. Fortunately, I already know what that will be and I have some delicious cream Quince & Co. wool ready to roll… 

So much to knit!!!! So little time!!! Anyone else feeling it? 

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