The thing about taking photos of little kids is, it’s so jolly tricky. Fat chance that they’ll pose cheerfully in front of a good backdrop. Nope, I’m usually chasing this wee girl around, snap snap snapping with the camera. I tend to get a TON of blurry shots, wavy hands shots, pictures with heads cut off or, more likely, no one in the frame because they’ve run off. So, when Tess scrambled up the ladder onto the trampoline, I followed and zipped the net shut. I had her trapped. My challenge? Get photos in focus, not bouncy blurry ones …

These were my best front on shots of her new Milo. Crazy coot.

I’ve knitted one little owl in the cable panel and then straight stockinette the rest of the way down, carrying on with a couple of purl stitches either side. I love the way the panel flairs out after the cable. It inspired me to go for a bit more of a baby doll look and I added  some more increases on alternate rows down the sides, under the arms, to give the body a little fullness at the bottom.

You’ll notice the owl has no eyes. I initially thought I’d add a couple of tiny buttons but nothing was quite right, french knots were a bit creepy, and in the end I preferred it plain.

milo milo

Juggling with my other projects, I finished Tess’ Milo just before the end of Milo May. If you’d like to see more Milos knitted this May, search MILOMAY12 on Ravelry – there are some very cute creations.

You can find my Milo on my Ravelry page here and details of the pattern here. Happy Milo May!

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