Apron love

So, where to start?
Probably with the 55 bananas.

Things have gotten a little chaotic around the Myrtle home of late. Meals are arriving on the table, bathrooms are given a quick swipe, but domestic love went out the window when the blogging began. And, the final straw was the last minute on-line grocery order that was done half-heartedly, in a rush in between making dinner, overseeing homework, sweeping the kitchen floor and checking emails…when the 11 bananas ended up being 11 bags of bananas…and 55 bananas were delivered the following morning…

Apron love

Things were feeling a bit too crazy. 
You see, I really enjoy cooking and have a great collection of  recipe books that I actually use. Well, did use.
And, while I may not relish cleaning, I do enjoy a clean house. I love tablecloths on the table, flowers in vases and fresh sheets on the bed. I love the smell (and taste) of fresh baking.
Life out of the paid workforce these past ten years has suited me, in fact it has suited us all, and I’ve really enjoyed making a home for my family.

Apron love

There’s no doubt that writing this blog is extra work for me. But, I’ve always done a million things at once. I work fast. I’ve always sewn, knitted and made things. Since being at home I’ve also done a lot of voluntary work. So, you see, it’s not the extra work that is really the problem. It’s just that, blogging is new. It’s a whole lot of fun and I’m loving it. And, during these past couple of months I’ve forgotten that I love the domestic stuff too. 

Last year we started having weekly international meals. A main and a pudding from a country of the kids’ choosing. We find out where it is, make a flag for the table and try some “traditional” food. They’ve written a list A-Z and it’s stuck to the fridge. The kids have loved it and Mr Myrtle and I have learnt a few things too. By Christmas we were up to J, Japan. Next on the list was K, Kazakhstan. Things went on hold over Christmas…and I kept putting it off…and off…and off. Gabe asked every week to start again and I couldn’t seem to find the time.

Then the banana thing happened. By the time I realised, the delivery guy had gone. So there I was, wondering what to do with 55 bananas and kicking myself for forgetting the milk.

Apron love

It dawned on me. I needed a new apron. An apron of epic proportions. An apron fantastic enough to inspire my domestic goddess.

I found this apron on Pinterest and loved it. Then I found another couple and realised they were all the same apron in different fabrics. The fabulous pattern was another goodie by Meg McElwee of Sew Liberated. You can buy it here.

But, I couldn’t wait for the pattern to be delivered, I had to make it straight away. I needed urgent help. Plus, I wanted a heavy weight apron, like a linen tea towel wrapped around me, so I could dry my hands and, when necessary, blow kids noses on the corner. It couldn’t be double sided, I’d melt. 
In the end I had to just make up a pattern myself.

Apron love

I thought I’d get something bright and brash for the fabric, but I can’t go past a hydrangea. We had them on the tables at our wedding. This pale blue and white is cotton/linen furnishing fabric and it makes me feel quite serene. 
Still, I think I’ve managed some razzmatazz with the hot pink pattern and the great big bow, don’t you?

Apron love

That’s the inside. I’m pleased I made the effort and finished it by hand. This domestic inspiration apron didn’t want any raw edges.

So, is it working? Hmmmm, yes? 
It’s ironic that while I was sewing my apron Mr Myrtle hung out washing, folded washing, fed kids, changed nappies, made a cake and a pie…but at least domestic bliss was back…

I’m working on finding balance ;)

And, Kazakhstan was lovely thank you. We ate “five fingers” and deep fried donuts. Yum. Lithuania was more time consuming and involved a large quantity of pork, but the rhubarb cake exceeded our expectations. Mexico next week and a good old New Zealand barbeque the week after. 
Now we’re talking! 

Apron love

I helped hang the washing.
Domestic inspiration. Long may it last :)

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