Boyfriend top

I’ve been up to my ears in kids’ clothes this last couple of weeks. And, as much as I love making things for my kids, I love making clothes for myself even more…. is that such a bad thing?!

I don’t grow out of my clothes, nor do I dump them on the floor, or spill my dinner down my front. Well, not often.

“Selfish knitting” is knitting things for yourself. Well, I’ve been up to some selfish sewing (and I’m excited to say I’ve got more planned… yippee!)

Anyhow, I’ve had the perfect excuse to sew for myself. The annual Spring Top Sewalong over at Made by Rae. I just HAD to join in! (Edited to add – I’ve made it to the finals! There is stiff competition but I’d love your vote if you like my top! I’m Q boyfriend top!)

Boyfriend top Boyfriend top Boyfriend top 

I started with a few of Mr Myrtle’s old business shirts. I’ve been saving them for ages and over the years (!) have acquired quite a stash of crisp cotton shirting. Aside from the hundreds of buttons, the fabric is in perfect nick. Just the collars and cuffs are worn. 

I fished out four goodies and took a photo thinking I’d use them all, but as I tend to make things up as I go along, in the end I used just two.
By the time I decided, I’d chopped them up… so you’ve got a shot of all four.

Boyfriend top Boyfriend top

I had a few prerequisites when drafting the pattern. I wanted a yoke (taking inspiration from SouleMama’s new tunic) but it needed to be loose enough to lift to breastfeed and I prefer a scoop neck. Pockets were a must and, with the reasonably narrow widths of fabric, it needed panels.

I love this top. I love that it is made from Mr Myrtle’s shirts.

The deep curved yoke works like a dream. It is close fitting, but with the extra room under the sleeves, loose enough to lift.

The A-line shape hides any tummy issues and yet, by keeping the bulk of the gathering to the side panels keeps it from looking like a maternity top (it’s NOT!)

Boyfriend top Boyfriend top Boyfriend top

The pockets have been unpicked and moved a couple of times. They look fantastic gathered and, set to the side, give the top a great shape.

Actually, for Boyfriend Top Mark II (yip, I’ve got plans to change and improve this one – I’ve got more shirts remember?!) I think I’ll spread them over the whole of the side panel.
But, since I don’t have scissors in my hand or my sewing machine on yet, that may change…we’ll see :)

In the meantime, Mark II will have to wait a little. I’m joining in the 3rd Annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week, starting Monday.
A post a day for seven days… and, it feels like it’s about time we had another giveaway… a knitterly one this time.

See you Monday!

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