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The results are out and I am either third, fourth or fifth in the project run & play sew-a-long signature outfit competition!

Apparently, Heidi was first, Sopo second and me, Cath Grace and Nest Full of Eggs close to each other in third to fifth places (I’m not sure in which order, they didn’t say!)

Thank you, thank you, thank you everyone who voted for me!!! It was a tough competition, the other entries were pretty terrific weren’t they?! Heidi stole the show with her vintage inspired outfits for her two kids (how many items??!!!) and she leapt into first place almost from the off.

I was so excited to make it to the finals from nearly 200 entries (as was Gabriel!) and then amazed to get so many votes! Over 110 when I last checked! It was fantastic fun!!!

If you fancy having a go yourself, the next project run and play is auditioning for designers in early march and the competition kicks off in April. I can highly recommend it for a bit of heart-racing action!!!

Source: via Lauri on Pinterest

Meanwhile, here at truly myrtle we haven’t been sitting idly watching the votes creep in (well, not too much). After all that madly frantic sewing for Gabe (and a bit more sewing for presents which I’ll show you when they are totally finished) I have been itching to start some new knitting.

Do you start new things, when you haven’t finished something else? I sure do. Lots of projects on the burner. With Nelly’s surplice (Leslie kindly told me the correct spelling…thanks!) nearly in the bag I looked around for something else to knit.

Susannah's socks and new (upcycled) bag!

And, I thought, socks. I was inspired actually. For a while now I have been following Kiwiyarns Knits, a great blog by a Kiwi passionate about knitting, especially with beautiful New Zealand wool. Lately, she’s been knitting socks and it inspired me to do some too. I hunted through my basket of sock wool (I know…. a whole jolly basket – I don’t dare show you my stash, or as Mr Myrtle calls it, my art installation) and this blue called to me. Isn’t it just a fab colour? It is a Cygnet four ply called denim mix. Anyway, it called and it said “Susannah”.

Susannah is my sister and, as something of a hand-crafter herself, she enjoys home-crafted creations. In my cupboard I have half a birthday present waiting to send to her and need something special to finish it off. So socks it shall be, just in time for her sort-of-cold New Zealand winter…

Socks by Cookie A - making for Susannah
source: Sock Innovation, Cookie A

This is how they are going to look and they are so fun to knit. Twisty ribbing and lacey holes. I just love these socks, so feminine and also so sensibly warm at the same time. The pattern is called Angee and it’s a Cookie A. design from her fab book Sock Innovation. I could wax lyrical about this book, this book is special. Not only does it contain a pile of great patterns in the back, but the front half is a guide to knitting socks and walks you through the designing process.

Oo la la…

One day, when I don’t have to negotiate a toddler on my lap and constant interruptions, I am going to design some cool socks.

This book will tell me how.

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