Boy Oh Boy! 
It’s done. The house looks like a bomb-site, but I’ve finally finished my “signature look” for project run & play.
When I heard about the competition, I immediately decided to do something for Gabe. I love sewing for the girls but it is so refreshing to make something for my big boy.

Gabe is nearly ten and feeling more grown-up these days.
He still mostly dresses for comfort and prefers to wear tracksuit pants (I think that is Kiwi-speak. Joggers? Sweat pants?). But, he has ideas about what looks cool now too.

So, I wanted him warm, comfortable and smart. He wanted to be able to move, have decent pockets for all his precious “finds”: stones, nuts, bolts, paperclips…. And, he wanted to look funky, but didn’t want to feel hot.
So, we’ve ended up with; tracksuit pants posing as corduroy trousers, a soft stretch knit top that looks like a t-shirt with a long stripy top underneath, and finally, a warm fine merino wool vest with a snazzy hood.
The trousers were made from elephant cord that I bought years ago to make overalls for the biggies when they were toddlers! I mixed them with a pair of Mr Myrtle’s old trousers for the pockets and yoke and used some fleece for a stretchy waistband and cuffs. I took the measurements from some tracksuit pants he fits. 
All the pockets are long, with gussets. They will hold lots of precious finds. Don’t you love the shoelaces at the waist?
I hunted high and low for an old piece of clothing or fabric from my stash to make the stretchy top. But nothing worked. In the end, I bought some fabric.


Gabe said he wanted one of those tops that looked like it was two tops. Hmmm, haven’t made anything like this before. I studied one and gave it a whirl. 
I should say at this point that I was given a swanky new overlocker (serger) for my last (big) birthday from Mr Myrtle, but I am terrified of it. Mr Myrtle fondly refers to it as “the paper-weight”.
I ironed, pinned and sewed. I think I held my breath the whole time! But I DID IT!!!! Wow, that overlocker is my new best friend. I love that baby. Still fairly terrified, but in love!
And finally, the vest. I cut around a top that fits Gabe to get the right size. The fabric is some red merino knit from my stash and an old black merino sweater with a few holes that once belonged to Mr Myrtle. Oh, how I love upcycling! 
It has a big kangaroo pocket for Gabe’s bits and bobs and a red hood lined with black merino and trimmed with some black fluff. See the short sleeves? These are our compromise. He wears wool, but doesn’t over-heat with long sleeves. Clever…
I enjoyed playing with those little eyelets and thought one on his pocket for tools was definitely called for.
My model was thrilled with his new outfit. He nipped to the barber a few doors down this morning and had his hair cut, and spiked, just for the photo shoot. 
He took modelling very seriously and I had to remind him to smile…but, didn’t he do well! My lovely big boy : )


So, I’m in the competition. I haven’t done this before. 
Wish me luck!!!

The tutorial for the hoodie is finished!!!


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