Well Susannah, this one’s for you.

I am starting. No more Putting It Off.

This is going to be one hell of a journey. It is completely daunting to start right at the very beginning, not knowing anything about writing fascinating blog posts, taking pictures or techy-computer stuff. I’m sure there will be many bloopers and drivel. But hey, maybe we’ll have some fun too!

Thank goodness I have Mr Myrtle the computer whizz and (hopefully) at least one faithful follower, aka My Sister.

So here we go!!!

I made a light box today so I can try to take photos of little things that look like they’re floating in space.

I grabbed a box from the Box Stash (it’s not just me with one of these is it?) white paper and PVA and set about chopping and sticking.

Finally, armed with my bedside light I took photos of what is on my needles.

Hmmm…this photography thing needs work!

This little knitted lovely is in fact the second sleeve of Nelly’s ballet surplus (which she tells me she doesn’t want, after I’ve already knitted the body and the first sleeve).

In real life the colour is a gentle rose pink and the yarn is Rowan’s lovely squishy Cashsoft baby DK in Pixie and the pattern is a simple old-fashioned beauty from Learn to Knit. I’ve knitted the body in one piece rather than back and sides, leaving a slit in one side for the tie to feed through. Let’s hope she fancies it when it is done!

Well, I’m full to overflowing with Stuff to share and ideas of Things to create. Watch this space!

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